Benario-Prestes, Olga – Abstract

Introduction Olga Benario-Prestes (port. Olga Benário Prestes, nee Gutman, Benario (it. Olga Gutmann Benario); 12 Feb 1908, Munich — 23 APR 1942, Bernburg) was a German — Brazilian revolutionary-Communist, wife of Louis Carlos Prestes, and mother Anita leocadia Prestes. 1. Childhood and adolescence Comes from a family a rich German lawyer social-democratic orientation and of Jewish origin, Leo Benario, had […]

The Belgian confession – Summary

Introduction The Belgian confession 1561 (lat. Confessio Belgica, FR. Confession Belge or Confession de foi) — doctrinal document used by the reformed churches of the Spanish Netherlands (Spanish Países Bajos Españoles) and other countries and regions of the world. Full name: French — FR. Confession de Foy, faicte d’un commun accord par les fidèles qui conversent es Pays bas, lesquels […]

Belgian linguistic benefits – Summary

Introduction Language facilities (FR. Facilités linguistiques, niderl. Faciliteitengemeente, lit. “light weight language mode”) — the name territorial-administrative units Belgium, with a special language regime analogues of which exists in the world. Preferential different French regions preferential-a preferential Flemish and German. As of 2010 language facilities provided in 25 communes of Belgium. 1. History Flemish nationalism late XIX — early XX […]

The Belgian United States – Abstract

Introduction Belgian United States (niderl. Verenigde Nederlandse Staten, FR. États belgiques unis) — the Confederation of the territories, part Austrian Netherlands. Originated in the result of a number of statements of independence 11 Jan 1790. Lasted until December of the same year. 1. The reason With the ascension to the throne of the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire Joseph […]

Aspern-Essling the battle – Abstract

Introduction Aspern-Essling battle — the battle in which Napoleon made an attempt to cross The Danube and to remain undetected by the enemy. But he did not succeed. Archduke Charles attacked ferried soldiers the Napoleonic army. This battle was the first serious failure of Napoleon on the battlefield, but in fact he was not defeated, and after the battle both […]

Analysis of the text of official-business style – Abstract

Shilin Maria (A-21) Analysis text of official-business style Convention on the rights of the child Adopted by General Assembly resolution 44/25 of 20 November 1989. States parties this Convention, considering, in accordance with the principles enshrined in the Charter of the Organization United Nations, recognition of the inherent dignity, equal and inalienable rights of all members of society is the […]

The analysis of the contemporary will of the constituents biudzhetnoi system of Ukraine – the Abstract , page 3

2.1. Anals the sovereign msavi budgets Ukraine. Segalini Fund Sovereign budget of Ukraine Profitable chastina General Fund sovereign the budget for 2009 year is not wykonana. When plan 184 billion 628,2 mln. I General Fund becomes 172 billion. 206,5 mln. scho 12 billion 421,7 million UAH. ABO 6,7 VDS., less zaplanowana obsahu. When this skin shosta hryvnia dochodu General Fund […]

Analysis of the structure of management Danone – Abstract

Analysis the influence of the legal form management -Type OPFH used by the organization – OOO -Easy check, no intentions in mass sale of shares of the share capital. – Limited (the customary abbreviation — LLC) is established by one or several legal entities and/or individuals economic society, the authorized capital is divided into shares; participants companies are not liable […]

Analysis of the structure and structural changes in the socio-economic phenomena and processes – the Abstract , page 1

Topic: Analysis of the structure and structural changes in the socio-economic phenomena and processes Contents: 1. General characteristics of the study the aggregate 2 1.1 A description of the data source, the period and spatial frame 3 1.2 Feature used statistical indicators 3 1.3 The average for each period 3 1.4 Assessment of the structural medium (fashion, median) on the […]