American badger – Abstract

Introduction American badger[1] (Taxidea taxus) is a predatory mammal weasel family, the only species of the genus Taxidea. Distributed in Mexico, United States and partly in Canada, is Nearctic equivalent to the European badger. Genus Taxidea appeared in North America about 6 million years ago. During the Pleistocene, the area Taxidea expanded northwards to Alaska, and East to Maryland and […]

U.S. virgin Islands – Abstract

Introduction American Virgin Islands (AVO) — group Islands in the Caribbean sea, an Autonomous the territory of the United States. The big three Islands: St. Thomas, St. John, Santa Cruz. Area — 344 km2 the population is about 100 thousand people. Geographically part of the virgin Islands (which also include the British Virgin Islands). Cm. also Danish West Indies. The […]

The American program of preferential purchase of products – Abstract

Introduction American program preferential purchase of products (eng. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), known as the programme for the issuance of food stamps — Federal assistance program residents of the United States of America have income or having a low income. Responsible for the program Ministry of agriculture of the United States. Now time most of the funds distributed with plastic […]

American darter – Abstract

Introduction American darter[1] (lat. Anhinga anhinga) is a species of bird in the genus smieszek family pelecanoides, living in North, Central and South America, and Cuba. 1. Description Body length average of is 85 cm, weight 1,350 g, wingspan wings 117 cm, length of the beak is 81 mm. The head is small and looks simple a continuation of a […]

American Association of translators – Abstract

Introduction American Association translators (English. American Translators Association or abbreviated as ATA) is the largest professional Association of translators USA (has more than 10 thousand members in 80 countries), founded in 1959. A member of this organization can be any person interested in written or verbal translation in professional or scientific purposes. Among the members of the American Association interpreters […]

Alternative dispute resolution – Abstract

Introduction Alternative settlement of disputes — a set of procedures to facilitate extrajudicial resolution of disputes (conflicts). In the English practice is indicated a steady turnover of eng. Alternative dispute resolution (acronym — ADR). In Australia also used the wording external dispute resolution[1]. Despite some resistance, alternative methods of dispute settlement in the last years has received wide recognition as […]

Alpine newt – Abstract

Introduction Alpine newt or mountain Triton[1] (lat. Mesotriton alpestris, a synonym of Triturus alpestris) is a species of newts of the genus Mesotritonsquad caudate amphibians. Alpine Triton is known for their bright colors. A rare view. 1. Distribution Alpine newt it is widespread in most areas Central Europe — from France the West to Romania and the Ukrainian Carpathians in […]

Almagro, Diego de son – Abstract

Not to be confused with: Diego de Almagro Senior Diego de Almagro the younger (1520(1520) — September 16, 1542) — Spanish Conquistador, organizer conspiracy to murder Francisco Pizarro. After the organization of the uprising in Peru the Governor cristóbal Vaca de Castro was the de facto ruler of in the colony. Diego de Almagro younger, or “Diego de Almagro second” […]

Altai pika – Abstract

Introduction Altai pika, or Alpine pika[1] (lat. Ochotona alpina) is a mammal of the genus pikas the order of lagomorphs. Sometimes combined with the Northern pika. 1. Appearance One of the largest pikas. Body length of 17.5—25.1 cm, weight 160-350 g. Males average somewhat larger than females. The tail is very short. Ears fairly large, rounded; their length equal to […]