American Association of translators – Abstract


American Association
translators (English. American Translators
or abbreviated as ATA) is the largest
professional Association of translators
USA (has more than 10 thousand members
in 80 countries), founded in 1959.

A member of this organization
can be any person interested in
written or verbal translation in
professional or scientific purposes.
Among the members of the American Association
interpreters oral and written
translators, teachers, managers
project, the developers of Internet sites
and software, Bureau
transfers, hospitals, universities and
government agencies.

ATA offers its
members of the certification exams in
some language pairs, and affiliated
with the International Federation of translators
(FIT). The Association is based in Alexandria

Unlike trade unions
American translators Association
represents the interests and “workers”,
and “employers” — that is,
translators who translate,
and translation agencies that buy them.
The Association also does not provide
translators such benefits as the conclusion
collective agreements or medical

Professional growth

The main objectives
American translators Association —
promote and support professional
development of translators, improving
the credibility of the translation profession.
To achieve these goals, the Association
offers a variety of programs and services
including a number of one-day seminars and
practical exercises throughout
of the year and an ATA annual conference every
fall under those other
conducted educational and training
activities in relation to the various
subjects and languages.


Currently ATA
conducts certification exams in
the following language pairs:

In English language
Arabic, Hungarian, Dutch,
Danish, German, Spanish,
Italian, Polish, Portuguese,
Russian, French, Croatian,

Hungarian, Dutch, German,
Spanish, Italian, Chinese,
Macedonian, Polish, Portuguese,
Russian, Ukrainian, Finnish, French,
Croatian, Japanese.

As of 2004
the Association requires its members,
so they scored a certain number
points “continuing education” from
approved and proposed by the Association
set to maintain certification already
after successful passing of the certification


The Work Of The American
translators Association is governed
Charter. The Association has a President,
President-elect, Secretary,
Treasurer and Board of Directors
nine members. In addition, economic
the activities of the Association in charge
Executive Director.

The current officers

  • Nicholas
    Hartmann (Nicholas Hartmann), President

  • Dorothy
    Reset (Dorothee Racette), President-elect

  • VA
    Perez-Santalla (Virginia Perez-Santalla), Secretary

  • Bokor, Gabe (Gabe
    Bokor), Treasurer

Previous presidents

The print edition

  • “ATA chronicle” (The
    ATA Chronicle

“ATA chronicle” —
monthly publication in paper format,
which are articles of different
related to the translation subject and
regular sections.

  • Translation:
    Getting it Right

  • Beacons

  • ATA Scholarly Monograph
    — Published annually by John Benjamins.

The structure of the Association

Office ATA

Branch of the ATA and
its affiliated organizations
provide regional information
marketing, platform for communication and
support services local

  • Atlanta
    Association of Interpreters and Translators (AAIT)

  • Carolina
    Association of Interpreters and Translators (CATI)

  • Colorado
    Translators Association (CTA)

  • Delaware
    Valley Translators Association (DVTA)

  • Michigan
    Translators/Interpreters Network (MiTiN)

  • Mid-America
    Chapter of ATA (MICATA)

  • Midwest
    Association of Translators and Interpreters (MATI)

  • National
    Capital Area Chapter of the ATA (NCATA)

  • New
    York Circle of Translators (NYCT)

  • Northeast
    Ohio Translators Association (NOTA)

  • Northern
    California Translators Association (NCTA)

  • Northwest
    Translators and Interpreters Society (NOTIS)

  • Upper Midwest Translators and
    Interpreters Association (UMTIA)


  • Austin
    Area Translators and Interpreters Association (AATIA)

  • Houston
    Interpreters and Translators Association (HITA)

  • Iowa
    Interpreters and Translators Association (IITA)

  • New
    Mexico Translators and Interpreters Association (NMTIA)

  • Tennessee
    Association of Professional Interpreters and Translators (TAPIT)

  • Utah Translators and
    Interpreters Association (UTIA)

Awarded by the awards and scholarships

American Association
translators awards the number of awards and
scholarships interpreters and translators.
Among them:

  • en:ALTA
    National Translation Award — for translations of books,
    published in Canada or the United States

  • en:Alexander
    Gode Medal for outstanding service to

  • en:Ungar
    German Translation of the Award — for literary
    translated from German to English

  • en:Lewis
    Galantière Award for literary translation
    with other than German to English

  • Student
    Translation Award — for a literary, scientific
    or technical translation
    student or graduate or a group

  • Scholarship
    the Fund named after Jordan Harvey (Harvie Jordan
    Scholarship Fund) — Department of Spanish
    language ATA

  • award
    the Edmund Berger (S. Edmund Berger Prize) —
    for successes in scientific and technical translation

  • JTG scholarship
    Scholarship — students
    scientific and technical writing or


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