Borodin, Mikhail Markovich – Abstract

Introduction Mikhail Markovic Borodin (Gruzenberg) (July 9, 1884, Yanovichi, Vitebsk province may 29, 1951) — a Russian revolutionary, agent Of the Comintern[1], the Soviet state and public figure. 1. Biography In 1903 he joined the RSDLP, Bolshevik. In 1904-1905 he lived in exile in Bern. During the revolution of 1905-1907 — the underground work in Riga. Delegate Tammerfors conference of […]

Bortovoy sign – Abstract

Introduction Bortovoy sign, brodova penny metal the token serving as a receipt special duties on the wearing of beards (introduced By Peter the great in 1698). Decree of 10 January 1705 established four discharge duties: with the courtiers, the nobility of policemen, officials for 600 rubles a year with 1 article for 100 rubles a year with merchants small and […]

Borotba s narkomanu – Abstract

Borotba s narkomana (TVR for the contest) Borotba s narkomana (N’yat pogledu one problem) Purshia Poglyad. My nterv u s psychologist School №8 by Olena Aleksandrvna Kobilyanskoy. Yu – Scho Takeo drugs? O. K. – Whether that HMC recovery(prirodn ABO Sintetic), yaki mozhut zastosowanie for zmn of Spinetta, mood or hoho vpliva on psycho. Yu – Hto often prima drugs? […]

The struggle for investiture – Report

Introduction The fight for the investiture — a confrontation in the XI century between Emperor Henry IV and Pope Gregory VII for the right to enter the office of bishops (investiture). It was the most significant the conflict between Church and secular government in medieval Europe. The standoff lasted for about 50 years, gradually weakening the Supreme power in the […]

Fight against women-Smoking – Abstract

State educational institution of higher professional education PENZA STATE UNIVERSITY LEGAL FACULTY Department “Communication management” Report in the laboratory work No. 1 the discipline “Sociology of advertising activity” Topic: “The fight against women’s Smoking” Fulfilled: student gr. 07ЮР1 Kochergin A. S. Checked: Oralia E. E. PENZA 2010 The CONTENTS 1.Information on the issue of “women Smoking” 2.Used sources 3. The […]

Bengal – Abstract

1. Territory Before the split after World war II on the Eastern Pakistan and West Bengal. Bengal covered an area of 1 674 279 sq. km. 2. History 2.1. To the British Of the oldest historical life of Bengal known little. To VI century BC most of the territory of Bengal was part of the powerful Kingdom Magadha. Part Bengal […]

Bioindication of air pollution on Scots pine condition – Abstract

Department the formation of the Soviet district of Homel State educational establishment “Gymnasium №46 them. Blaise Pascal” “Bioindication air pollution as pine the ordinary” Students 9 “A” class GUO “Gymnasium № 46 city of Gomel them. Blaise Pascal” Chervotok Anastasia Olegovna Scientific head – teacher biology GUO “Gymnasium № 46 city of Gomel them. Blaise Pascal” Pakal Elena V. Gomel, […]

Biological terms – Abstract

Allele – one of the possible States of a gene, each of which is characterized by a unique a gene sequence. Alleles multiple – a series of different alleles of one gene, arisen by mutation and wherein from each other in their manifestation, but belonging to the same locus. Amino acids – the monomers of proteins. Ambidekstr – persons equally […]

A biological experiment. The biological role of experiment in biology class – the Abstract , page 1

Twenty three FEDERAL AGENCY EDUCATION FGOU VPO “the southern Federal University” PEDAGOGICAL INSTITUTE The faculty of natural Sciences Department of teaching methodology biology, chemistry and science COURSE WORK “A biological experiment. The role of the biological experiment on biology lessons” Artist: 4th year student group 41/2 Head: C.b.N., associate Professor 2009 The CONTENTS INTRODUCTION……………………………………………………………….. 4 Section 1. THE THEORETICAL PART…………………………………………5 […]