Analysis of the leadership style on the example of OOO Sibinpex – Abstract , page 1

Federal education Agency of the Russian Federation State educational institution of higher professional education “Kemerovo state University” Department management Fulfilled: Student DLR 3 course SP. Marketing Control work at the discipline “Management” Topic: “Analysis of leadership style, for example LLC “Sibinpex” Checked: Teacher: Ph. D., associate Professor Kemerovo 2011 ABSTRACT In this tests analyzed leadership styles for example, LTD. “Sibinpex”. […]

Analysis of strategic performance of the company on the example of JSC Onyx the Abstract , page 4

Table 7 The contents the penal system in the enterprise Category workers elements penalties stimulated the objectives of form punishment conditions punishment types and the scale of punishments 1 2 3 4 5 1) Working Increase productivity; increase labor discipline Remark; a strict reprimand; dismissal Failure plan; poor quality; lack of at work; frequent tardiness; the emergence drunk; not compliance […]

Analysis of strategic performance of the company on the example of JSC Onyx the Abstract , page 2

 check system of accounting personal composition, monitoring and development recommendations for improving this system;  check personalized and prompt personnel information, including the examination means and methods used to identification, evaluation, classification such information and drawing up on her the basis of reporting as well as special the study of the separate articles of the reporting, including detailed inspection […]

Analysis of the structure of the balance of the branch “Stavropolkraivodokanal” – Svetlogradskaya “Meriodional” – Abstract , page 2

definition the main directions of its activities; appointment and removal of Directors; appointment and dismissal of the chief accountant; appointment auditors; appointment chief engineer for approval; the establishment the size, shape and order granting branch property; to implement control over the work of customer service Department and legal services; approval annual reports on the results activity, approval of reports and […]

Analysis of the structure and organization of work of the head of the production unit – the Abstract , page 4

Based on the evaluation of rationality works of head of production (tab.4) note that the reserves increase efficiency of use of working time amount to 117.8 hours or 47,4% of the total time. Comparison of real and rational balance of working time presented in Fig. 4. Fig.4. The balance of work of the chief shop The calculations above show how […]

U.S. virgin Islands – Abstract

Introduction American Virgin Islands (AVO) — group Islands in the Caribbean sea, an Autonomous the territory of the United States. The big three Islands: St. Thomas, St. John, Santa Cruz. Area — 344 km2 the population is about 100 thousand people. Geographically part of the virgin Islands (which also include the British Virgin Islands). Cm. also Danish West Indies. The […]

American badger – Abstract

Introduction American badger[1] (Taxidea taxus) is a predatory mammal weasel family, the only species of the genus Taxidea. Distributed in Mexico, United States and partly in Canada, is Nearctic equivalent to the European badger. Genus Taxidea appeared in North America about 6 million years ago. During the Pleistocene, the area Taxidea expanded northwards to Alaska, and East to Maryland and […]

Amnesty as a ground of exemption from criminal penalties (2) the Abstract , page 4

C) convicts to correctional labor, which for malicious evasion from serving punishment the unexpired term of correctional labor was replaced by the court with the punishment of imprisonment, if they were in custody less than six months on the day decision on the application of the act Amnesty; d) convicts committed intentional crimes while punishment and probation convicts the sentence […]

Depreciation policy of the enterprise on the example of JSC Izhstal – Abstract , page 5

2.2 The depreciation policy of OJSC “Izhstal” Selecting the optimal method depreciation is a priority for any organization. It depends on the amount of property tax and sales tax on profits paid by the organization. A successful solution to this problem is to bring to the organization significant the benefits of saving on payment of these taxes. If your organization […]