Bonn – Abstract

Introduction Bonn (ger. Bonn, rip. Bonn) — a town in Germany, in the land North Rhine — Westphalia, on the Rhine river. The population is 314 926 people (according to at 30 June 2007), took 19th place for the number of inhabitants in the country. From 3 November 1949 to October 3 1990 — the capital of the Federal Republic […]

Luxembourg Bonn – Abstract

Introduction Bonn (also bona) Luxembourg (FR. Bonne de Luxembourg, Czech. Jitka Lucemburská; 20 may 1315(13150520), Prague, Czech Republic — 11 September 1349, Maubuisson Abbey near PONTOISE, France) — the Duchess Normandy, Countess of Anjou and Maine in 1332 1349. Daughter Of John I Of Luxembourg the count of Luxembourg, king of Bohemia, titular king of Poland, wife the heir to […]

Borovikovskiy, Vladimir Lukich – Abstract

Introduction Vladimir Lukich Borovikovsky (1757-1825) — Russian painter, master of portrait. 1. Biography Vladimir Borovikovsky born on July 24 (August 4) in 1757 Ukraine, in the small town of Mirgorod, in the family of the Cossack Luka Borovik. Father, uncle, brothers of the future artist was painters. Young V. L. Borovikovsky studied icon-painting under his father. From 1774 he served […]

Borodin, Mikhail Markovich – Abstract

Introduction Mikhail Markovic Borodin (Gruzenberg) (July 9, 1884, Yanovichi, Vitebsk province may 29, 1951) — a Russian revolutionary, agent Of the Comintern[1], the Soviet state and public figure. 1. Biography In 1903 he joined the RSDLP, Bolshevik. In 1904-1905 he lived in exile in Bern. During the revolution of 1905-1907 — the underground work in Riga. Delegate Tammerfors conference of […]

Bengal – Abstract

1. Territory Before the split after World war II on the Eastern Pakistan and West Bengal. Bengal covered an area of 1 674 279 sq. km. 2. History 2.1. To the British Of the oldest historical life of Bengal known little. To VI century BC most of the territory of Bengal was part of the powerful Kingdom Magadha. Part Bengal […]

Bologna process in Ukraine – Abstract

Bologna processes in Ukraine Ntegrate Bolonskogo processes in the system osti Ukraine brought baslc for change. Perche I the most important thing – vprovadzhennya square testowania for scholars, and also spasinnya system rwnv vipusknik wwsw. Ale TSE tilki ti SMN, that can be seen for vsih. Naprawd Bologna process SMU duzhe bagato chogo in ukraïnskiy out. Scho take Bologna process […]

Bioindication of air pollution on Scots pine condition – Abstract

Department the formation of the Soviet district of Homel State educational establishment “Gymnasium №46 them. Blaise Pascal” “Bioindication air pollution as pine the ordinary” Students 9 “A” class GUO “Gymnasium № 46 city of Gomel them. Blaise Pascal” Chervotok Anastasia Olegovna Scientific head – teacher biology GUO “Gymnasium № 46 city of Gomel them. Blaise Pascal” Pakal Elena V. Gomel, […]

Biological terms – Abstract

Allele – one of the possible States of a gene, each of which is characterized by a unique a gene sequence. Alleles multiple – a series of different alleles of one gene, arisen by mutation and wherein from each other in their manifestation, but belonging to the same locus. Amino acids – the monomers of proteins. Ambidekstr – persons equally […]