Group psychology and the analysis of the ego Freud – Summary , page 10

Hero claims
on the sole the Commission of an act,
that would venture, of course, only Horde
in General. However, according to the Wound,
tale has preserved distinct traces of
concealed the true state of things…
For thus it often happens that the hero,
which is a difficult task,
most often it is the younger son, who
the presence of a surrogate father pretends to be
a fool, i.e. non-hazardous – can perform
this task only with the help of flocks
small animals (ants, bees). It
– brothers of the primal Horde; because in
the symbolism of dreams insects and
parasites signify brothers and sisters (from
contemptuous attitude toward a small
children). In addition, each of the activities
myth and fairy tales are easy to recognize as
replacement of a heroic act. Myth, such
is the next step with
which individual an individual out of
mass psychology. The first myth,
undoubtedly, it was the myth of psychological,
the myth of the heroic; explanatory myth
nature might have arisen much later.
The poet who made this step and separated
thus in his imagination of the masses,
able, on further observation of the Wound,
in real life, all the same to her back.
He comes and says this
the mass of the exploits they created the character. In
fact, this hero was none other than he
himself. Thus, he is reduced to the level of
reality, and his audience elevates
to the level of fantasy. But the listeners understand
poet: on the basis of the same tocause-
envious of the relationship to the father they
can identify with the hero.
The falsity of the myth ends with the deification
hero. The deified hero is
to be before God the father, being
a precursor to the return of the forefather
as deity. Chronologically
the progression of the deities would then
next: goddess of motherhood – the hero
– God the father. But only with the rise
unforgettable forefather deity acquired
features familiar to us today’.

C) In this article
we talked a lot about direct and inhibited
in relation to the purpose of sexual primary
urge and can only hope that it is
the distinction will not cause large
objections. However, a detailed discussion
will not be superfluous, even if it is more
part of repeats is set out in advance.

child development gave us the first and
however, the best example of retarded
in relation to the purpose of sexual primary
desires. All the feelings that a child
feeds to their parents and carer
his faces are unobstructed
the continuation of desires, expressing his
sexual desire. The child requires
from these beloved persons of all tenderness,
which is familiar to him; he wants them to kiss
to touch them, to look at wants
to see their genitals and be present
during intimate actions of excremental;
he promises to marry the mother or the nanny
whatever he by this may mean; he
intends to give birth to the father of the child
D. Direct observation, and further
psychoanalytic penetration into
the vestiges of childhood, leave no
doubt direct merger
tender and jealous feelings and of sexual
intentions and show us
how thoroughly the child does
beloved face the object of all its still
MIS-directed sexual
aspirations. (CP.: Sexual-theorie).

This is the first kind
childhood love, a typical slave
The Oedipus complex, with the beginning of the latent
period is destroyed, as you know,
the impetus of displacement. The rest of love
feelings manifested in a purely gentle
emotional communication directed at
the same faces, but this communication is not
can be described as “sexy”.
Psychoanalysis, which shines
the depths of mental life, easily
can prove that sexual relations
first childhood continue to exist
but in the repressed and unconscious
. On the basis of psychoanalysis we have
the courage to assert that wherever we
meet a tender feeling, it is
the successor to the quite “sensual”
object relationship with the person or
taken for his prototype (its Imago).
However, without a special study it is impossible
to determine whether this prior
full-fledged sexual-desire
in this case, displaced or it
already exhausted itself. To more clearly
Express says:
this sexual desire is still there
as a form and possibility, and by recourse
can be re-charged, activated;
there remains the question, which is not always
possible answer: what is the charge and
efficiency it has now
time. While equally necessary
beware of the two sources of error:
as Scylla – underestimation of the displaced
unconscious and Charybdis –
the tendency to measure normal
definitely a pathological scale.
Psychology that does not want to or not
penetrate into the depths superseded,
tender emotional connection in any
the case represented by the expression
aspirations, not directed to sexual
goals, even though they grew from
aspirations, this goal had”.

We have the right
to say that these aspirations have deviated
from these sexual purposes, although it is difficult
to satisfy the requirements of metapsychology
the depiction of the deviation from
goal. However, these inhibited in
with respect to the purpose of the primary urges all
still retain some of directly
sexual purposes; and affectionately, and
a friend and fan of looking for bodily proximity
or to see a loved one,
beloved though . only in “paulinists”
sense. If we desired, we can
to recognize this deviation is the beginning
sublimation of sexual primary
urge or push the boundaries
last even more. Inhibited in
the sense of purpose of sexual primary
the urge to have in front of Nestorianism
the big functional advantage
as they are, in fact, unable
to the full satisfaction; they are particularly
suitable for creating long lasting connections,
while the right sexy when
satisfaction” lose every time
his energy and have to wait for its renewal
by the new accumulation of sexual
libido, and during this time may
to change the object. Inhibited
primary desires are capable of any measure
mixing with unbraked, can
again to develop in the same way as they
from them emanated. Know how easy of
emotional relations of a friendly
the character, based on the recognition and
the admiration between teacher and student,
artist and admiring listener,
especially in women, there are erotic
desire (Moliere: Embrassez-moi pour 1’amour du
Grec). Yes, the emergence of such ‘ Hostile
feelings are undoubtedly more complex
build first, unintentional,
emotional leads connected straight
to the beaten track sexy
the object’s selection. In his article, Pfister
showed clear, of course, not isolated
an example of how easily even an intense
the religious connection to turn into passionate
sexual arousal. And, on the other
hand, and go direct by themselves
short, sexy aspirations
in durable, pure gentle is
something very ordinary, and consolidation
of marriage for love
passion has its
the underlying basis of this process. We, of course,
do not be surprised if I hear that retarded
with regard to the goal of sexual desire
arise from direct sexy in those
cases where to achieve sexual
goals are internal or external
obstacles. The displacement of the latent
period, there is the inner or
better to say became internal –
obstacle. The father of the primitive
Horde, we suggested that their sexual
intolerance it forces all its
sons, in abstinence and in this way
pushes them to retarded in relation to
objective relations; he reserves the right
free sexual pleasure
and thus remains unconnected. All
communications are based on weight, have
nature inhibited against goals
primary urges. But this way we
approached the review of new topics
which discusses the relation of direct
sexual purposes to masloobraznaya.

G) The Last
two remarks have prepared us to
the recognition that direct sexual
desire adverse
masloobraznaya. However, in the history of
development of the family there was a mass
relations of sexual love (group
marriage), but more important it became for “I”
sexual love, the more developed
in her love, nastojatelnee
this love demanded his limitations
two persons – uuna cum uno – restrictions
prescribed by nature genital
goal. Polyglycoside inclination was
forced to settle for a consistent
change of objects.

Both persons
converging for the purpose of sexual
satisfaction for privacy
demonstrate against the herd instinct,
against the feelings of the mass, they are looking for
loneliness. The more they’re in love,
the less they need someone,
in addition to each other. The rejection of influence
mass is expressed in the sense of shame.
Extremely passionate jealousy arises
as the protection of sexual object choice
from the invasion of mass communication. Only
the case when tender, i.e., personal,
factor in a love relationship absolutely
tousewives before sensitive,
possible love couple in communication
the presence of other persons, or, like
Orgy, simultaneous sexual acts
within the group. But this regression to a more
early as sex,
where love has not played
no role and all sexual objects
were considered as equivalent.
About the spirit of evil expressions Bernard
Show that being in love means
inappropriately overestimate
the difference between one woman and another.

There is enough
indications that sex
between a man and a woman love
came only later, so the competition
between sexual love and mass
ties is also a late development. Now
it may seem that this assumption
does not fit with our myth of preemie;
it is expected that a crowd of brothers
pushes the patricide of their love for
mothers and sisters; and it is hard to imagine
this love is different, as a whole,
primitive, i.e., how deep the connection is
tender and sensual love. However
further reflection, this objection
becomes proof. One of the
reactions to the parricide was after all
the establishment totemistic exogamy,
the prohibition of any sexual
with women family who
was dearly loved from childhood. This was
driven a wedge between the delicate and sensual
aspirations of men, the wedge, and to this
the day is deeply embedded in love
a man’s life. As a result of this exogamy
sensitive to the needs of men should
was to be satisfied with strange and unloved

In large
the artificial mass of the Church and the army
– for women as sex objects
there is no place. Love relationship men
and women are outside of these
organizations. Even where formed
mass mixed, consisting of men and
of the women, sexual difference does not play
role. Hardly makes sense to ask the question
about homosexual or heterosexual
the nature of libido, which connects the masses
so. as it is not differentialsa on the floor
and, most importantly, it is not
provides purposes genital
the organization of the libido.

For individual
of the individual, which in other respects
soluble in mass, direct sexy
the desire is still partially retain
some individual activities.
Where they become dominant,
they each decompose the mass formation.
The Catholic Church has reasonable
reasons recommends its believers
celibacy and imposes celibacy on its
priests; but love often
pushed and priests to leave the Church.
Similarly, the love of a woman
overcomes massive formations of race,
national isolation and social
class order and thereby performs
culturally important tasks. Apparently
you can be sure that homosexual
love is much better consistent with the
mass communication even in cases
when it manifests itself as a direct
sexual desire; the fact is
noteworthy, the explanation of which
would lead us very far.

the study of psychoneurosises teaches us
that their symptoms should be taken from
direct the sexual desires that
have been superseded, but remained active.
We can improve this
the wording, adding or
retarded in the sense of purpose aspirations,
the suppression of which completely failed
or let the place to return to
repressed sexual purpose. With this
the condition is consistent and that the neurosis
patient makes anti-social and removes
it from conventional mass formations. Can
to say that the neurosis acts on the mass
razlagalsa as well as love.
But you can see that where
shock occurred to the education of the masses,
neurosis is weak and, at least on
some time may disappear entirely.
Justified attempts to use
this antagonism between neurosis’ and
masloobraznaya for therapeutic
goals. Even those who do not regrets
the disappearance in the modern cultural
the world of religious illusions, must
to recognize that while they were in power, they
served as the most effective protection
against the danger of neurosis to those who were in
the power of these illusions. It also
recognize that all relationships with
religious-mystical or
philosophical and mystical sects and
associations are the expression of
indirect treatment of various
of neuroses. All this is due to the contrast
direct and inhibited in the sense of purpose
sexual aspirations.

If the neurotic
left to himself, he is forced
to replace it with your own symptomatologies
the great mass of the formation from which
he is excluded. It creates your own
own fantasy world, his
religion, his delusional system, repeating
thus human institutions
in the distortion, which clearly indicates
on the brightest part of direct sexual

D) In conclusion
add comparative evaluation
reviewed by us States from the point
of view of the theory of the libido, namely:
love, hypnosis, masloobraznaya
and neurosis: Love is based on
the simultaneous presence of direct and
retarded in the sense of purpose of sexual
aspirations, and the object pulls
on the part of artisticheskogo libido

holds only the “I” and the object. Hypnosis
shared with love limits
these two individuals, but it is based
solely on the retarded in the sense
of purpose of sexual aspirations and puts
object in place of the “Ideal I”.

The mass of this
the process times; the mass coincides with
hypnosis in nature that hold it together
primary impulses and to replace “Ideal
I” object, but is attached here-
identification with other individuals
became the initially possible
with the same attitude

Both States,
how hypnosis and Mosabruni,
are hereditary deposition
phylogenesis of the human libido – hypnosis
as a predisposition, and weight, in addition to
this as a direct relic. Replacement
direct sexual aspirations aspirations
in relation to the purpose inhibited
contributes in both the separation of “I”
from the “Ideal I”, which has already given rise to
in a state of love.

Neurosis this
of a number of acts. And it is based on features
development of the human libido –
interrupted latent period double
the firstfruits of direct sexual function In
this respect he has in common with hypnosis
and masloobraznaya the nature of the regression,
if love is not present.
Neurosis is always there where it is not
quite managed the transition from direct to
retarded in the sense of purpose of sexual
primary impulses, corresponding to the conflict
trapped between “I” primary
impulses, which, through this development
passed, and particles of the same primary
the urge, that of the repressed unconscious
sphere – as well as other completely
repressed instinctual impulses –
strive to make your satisfaction
Neurosis unusually rich in content,
because covers all kinds of relationships
between “I” and object as those where
the object is retained and others in which
he will leave or restored in the
“I”, but exactly the same and conflict
the relationship between “I” and “Ideal

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