Big jeltuhay cockatoo – Abstract

Introduction Big jeltuhay Kakadu[1] (lat. Cacatua galerita, SYN. Plyctolophus galeritus) is a bird of the family of cockatoos. 1. Appearance One of the most the major representatives of the family. Length body 48-55 cm, wing of 29.5-39 cm; weight male — 810-920 g, females — 845-975 g. the Main color plumage white with a yellowish tinge on the underside of […]

Bolshevism (2) – Abstract

Bolshevism – for in the Russian social-democratic and then the Communist movement however, a radical Marxist positions. Bolshevism originated in 1903, when the split in Russian the social-democratic labour party (RSDLP) radical (Bolshevik) and moderate (Menshevik) factions. Leader for the Bolsheviks was Lenin. The reason for separation of fractions was the controversy between Lenin and Y. O. Martov on the […]

Big turtle – Abstract

Introduction Big turtle[1] (lat. Streptopelia orientalis, previously lat. Turtur orientalis) is a bird of the family pigeon, the largest representative kind of dove. 1. Appearance The size of a large turtle doves about 30 cm long, the color is brownish tint on the back; the belly is pinkish tint, tail has black color with a white stripe on the edge. […]

Eurasian bittern – Abstract

Introduction Eurasian bittern[1] (lat. Botaurus stellaris) — a bird the ardeidae family. 1. General characteristics The bittern is back black with yellowish edges to the feathers, the same color head. The belly is Buffy with brown cross pattern. Tail yellow-brown with blackish pattern. In this painting bittern is camouflage and helps the bird to stay unnoticed among the reed stems […]

Bolotnikov, Aleksey U. – Abstract

Alex U. Bolotnikov (1735-1828) — Lieutenant-General, valid privy Councilor, member The state Council, Senator Born on March 3, 1753 Descended from an old noble kind of the province of Novgorod, son of Colonel the Admiralty Juliana Tikhonovich Bolotnikov. Alex U. Bolotnikov 21 APR 1767 defined was in the land cadet corps, the end of the course which 17 Mar 1782 […]

Bologna process in Ukraine – Abstract

Bologna processes in Ukraine Ntegrate Bolonskogo processes in the system osti Ukraine brought baslc for change. Perche I the most important thing – vprovadzhennya square testowania for scholars, and also spasinnya system rwnv vipusknik wwsw. Ale TSE tilki ti SMN, that can be seen for vsih. Naprawd Bologna process SMU duzhe bagato chogo in ukraïnskiy out. Scho take Bologna process […]

Down Syndrome – Abstract

Down Syndrome– the most common chromosomal the disease is due to a change the number of autosomes. Was first described by English a doctor Down in 1866, and in 1959 the French scientist Lejeune stated in this disease extra 21st chromosome (trisomy of the 21st chromosome). The karyotype of these patients – 47, XX or 47, XY. In subsequent years, […]

The Bokii, Gleb Ivanovich – Abstract

Introduction Gleb Bokii (June 21 (3 July) 1879 — 15 November 1937) was a prominent leader of the Cheka/OGPU/NKVD, the Commissioner the state security 3rd rank (1935). One of the most active founders the Gulag system. Shot November 15, 1937. Rehabilitated in 1956. 1. Biography He was born in Tiflis in the family of a teacher. Ukrainian[1]. Studied at the […]

The battle at Raevka – Abstract

The battle at Raevka— battle of the Northern war held 9 (20) Sep 1708 (10 September Swedish calendar) from Raevka (village in Mogilev province) between the Swedish and Russian troops during the movement Swedish troops from Mogilev to Smolensk. History During the campaign the troops the Swedish king Karl XII in Russia between him and the retreating Russian troops from […]