Plan rahunkiv buhgalterskogo oblc activw captulo Zobov’yazan I gospodarskih operations pid – Abstract

Zatverdzheno The Mandate Ministerstva fancv Ukraine 30.11.99 № 291 PLAN rachunku buhgalterskogo oblc activw, captulo, Zobov commitments I gospodarskih operations pdprimstvo I organzize* Sintetic rachunki (rachunki pershoho order) Zubrowski (rachunki another order) Scope zastosuvannya Code Names Code Names 1 2 3 4 5 Klas 1. Naoborot activity 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 Onown zasobi INSHI […]

The social insurance Fund of the Russian Federation (3) the Abstract , page 2

3.1 Procedure management In enterprises, in organizations, institutions and other business entities, regardless forms of ownership to ensure control over correct calculation and timely payment of benefits social insurance, carrying out health events employment teams are formed the Commission on social insurance representatives of administration and trade unions (labour employees) or elected commissioners on social insurance. These bodies to decide […]

Not to disappear to the craft. The secrets of felting footwear – Abstract

Moscow region Shatura municipal district village Dmitrovskiy Pogost MOU Korobovskaya SOSH with advanced study items Research work Topic: “Not to give a disappearing craft. Secrets felting shoes.” Finished: Sokolova Elena student Class 10 MOU Korobovskoe SOSH with in-depth study separate items C. Dmitrovskiy Pogost Shatura municipal district Moscow region Head: Baranova Tatiana head school Museum 2010. Plan: 1. Introduction. What […]

Hypertension (9) – Abstract , page 6

Treatment of hypertension in special groups and situations AG in the elderly and isolated systolic hypertension. Modern recommendations consider systolic HELL along with the diastolic as the criterion for diagnosis, severity and efficacy of antihypertensive therapy. The decrease in systolic BP leads to a distinct reduction of this risk. Thus, in the elderly systolic blood pressure allows better to predict […]

Features RSNA etapu psychologiczna konsultesana – Abstract

ZMIST Introd Porwnanie anals concepts psychologiczna konsultesana ATAPI konsultesana according to eidemiller ATAPI konsultesana according to Rogers The conclusion of the List vikoristannya lterature INTROD Psychologiczne konsultesana Yak view psihologice relief addressed to psyche a long time people. Psychology consultation policano, roscherite mezhi samopisnye lyudin, ” statstg Primate psyche world people Shirshov , Nations osnov baciti more number warants Povedniki […]

Labour market and socio-economic problems of the municipalities of the city of Moscow – the Abstract , page 5

CHAPTER 3. The modern state municipalities and market labor. §3.1 the path of economic development of municipalities. Over the past decade in the world there have been significant changes in developing a strategy for economic development at the local level. Observed the declining trend of many major corporations in the developed world with their location in other States. At the […]

Neophane defense defense Wavy – Abstract

Essay on the topic: Neophane defense. Wavne defense 1. Neophane defense viznayutsya d, vinen s me-TBU Zahist of koronovannyh the legal rights that interest osobi, Yak sajidas, ABO NSO individuals, and also suspine interest Interest powers from suspine nebezpechnih posyagina the way zapadenia Tom hto posega, Skadi, neophane I ostatnio and Dani obstanov to immediately address dernina Chia pripinaniya posyagina, […]

The analysis of theories about the evolution of life on Earth – the Abstract , page 1

ABSTRACT At discipline: the Concept of modern science. TOPIC: THE TEACHING OF EVOLUTION. LAMARKISM. DARWINISM. SYNTHETIC THEORY OF EVOLUTION. The contents Introduction Theory the evolution of Charles Darwin Variability organisms in nature Fight for existence and natural selection Results the action of natural selection Theory the evolution of J. B. Lamarck Variability organisms Teaching on graduation Effect on organisms in […]