Forensic register (2) – Abstract , page 2

French police in XIX century regularly practiced “parade” prisoners held in the prison conducted in front of police officers, to those learned among them individuals previously convicted under other names or wanted for other crimes. To every criminal was filled the registration card. The cards began to be accompanied by photos of the prisoner. However, this method often led to […]

Calculation of remuneration at the enterprise – the Abstract , page 4

In the composition of the wage Fund are included accrued enterprise, institution, organization of the amount of remuneration in cash and kind for spent and unspent time incentive bonuses and allowances, compensation payments associated with the regime of work and working conditions, awards and the lump sum incentive nature, as well as payments for food, shelter, fuel, wearing regular character. […]

The choice of the legal form of the enterprise – Abstract

Main The contents 3.2 The choice of the legal form enterprise Organizational and legal form of enterprise is a a system of regulatory rules governing the relationship of the enterprise with government, with the subjects entrepreneurship, internal the structural units enterprise. Any business the activities are part specific organizational and legal forms of enterprise. The choice of this form depends […]

Asepsis and antisepsis (2) – Abstract

The CONTENTS INTRODUCTION 2 ANTISEPTIC 3 ASEPSIS 6 MAIN PRINCIPLES OF RATIONAL ANTIBIOTIC THERAPY 9 LIST LITERATURE 12 INTRODUCTION Prior to the introduction of methods of asepsis and antiseptic postoperative mortality reached 80%: the patient died from purulent putrid and gangrenous processes. Opened in 1863 Louis Pasteur nature of putrefaction and fermentation, becoming the impetus development of Microbiology and practical […]

Joshua God – Abstract

Joshua s personal history prepared him well as a leader for the great conquest. The conquest of Caanan began about 1405 B. C. Joshua s leadership of Israel covered about twenty-five years. Living near the end of Israel s oppression in Egypt, Joshua witnessed God s dreadful ten plague judgments, the first Passover, the miraculous Red Sea crossing, and the […]

The market and investment value of real estate – Summary page 1

Table of contents Table of contents 2 2 Introduction 3 Market investment value real estate 5 Real, market and legal features of real estate as the potential of the investee 6 Main investment performance real estate 8 Investing real estate 10 14 Tools investment 15 Modern financial and economic instruments real estate investing 19 Conclusion 23 List literature 25 Introduction […]

Anals Annie Karenna – Parallels in composits the novel – Essay

Anals “Annie Carenno” – Parallels in composit the novel “Anna Karenna” bocinas phrase, Yak , psychologiczne key do: “VSI Maslow applied Shoe one-on-one, skin newerlive homeland newerlive in svoa”. Paphos the novel polega not outvirgin duhovno dnost mizh members of the family*, and Dolce-bathroom offers ruynuvan SMA I ljudskih vzaimno. Home the problem the novel razvivatsa on preklad click smany […]

Recreational potential and the modern development of tourism in Australia and Oceania – Abstract

Recreational the potential and the modern development of tourism in Australia and Oceania Australia and Oceania are becoming more attractive areas international tourism. Australia – ideal for new and bright impressions. Wild nature can to be here just over the next the intersection and will peacefully coexist with a large city. Only in Sydney there are 70 municipal beaches. In […]

Chemically hazardous objects of the Russian Federation, accidents (5) the Abstract , page 2

2. Mechanism the effects of chemicals on human and human protection from chemical substances. In the accident the emission of gaseous substances leads to a very rapid contamination air. If you spill liquid HAZMAT is their evaporation and subsequent contamination of the atmosphere. The explosions solid and liquid substances sprayed in the air, forming solid and liquid aerosols. All Poisonous […]