Report commercial-institutional practice to store Tea amp Coffee Abstract , page 4

placement and display of products.

The goods must be face
packaging to the buyer. Place on the shelves
distributed to attract
attention visitors, to provide
quick raskupaemost product and enhance
the effectiveness of each shelf.

“face to the customer”.

Product, shown in front, needs
to be located taking into account the angle of view
buyer. Basic information on
the packaging should be easy to read and
not close price tags PLI other
packages. Violation of the rules “person
to the buyer” is typical of trading
points where, and a lot of goods.

If the goods are
is unsuccessful, he did find,
but only under the following conditions:
the buyer really need this
product; the buyer has already formed
preference regarding the brand;
he knows how the packaging looks; it
enough time to search; it can
ask seller a question.

Shelf, pas which is a product
should be regularly washed or vacuumed.
Unattractive, stained or
defects the product should be removed from shelves
and ocenivaetsa to accelerate the sale.
The label on the product needs
to be well secured, and banks without
labels must be identified,
discounted and exhibited in another place.

type of goods “front row”. The number
products “front row” depends on
the volume of their packaging, demand for these goods
and fast recharge
the shelving stock. Set for
“the front row” should
be maintained to control this
stock and turnover ratio. In
throughout the day several times
fill the first row of goods on the shelves.

The filling

Locating product in the store first
all you need to keep
buyer. When you visit the store, he
less than half an hour chooses from 30 to
40 products from 10 to 15 thousand, we offer
store. The lack of the right product
in the sale is the buyer
irritation and a feeling of discontent.


It is necessary to consider the appeal
packaging and the overall visual impression
from calculations. The seller must be
interested in selling of packaging
of goods, the attractiveness of the familiar
packaging (wrappers) which draws on
the attention of buyers.

place on the shelf.

Buyers get used to the fact that we need
them the product is PA-specific
that is why any change needs
be monitored within the division
(category) and be done for good
reasons. Location products
must match the signs and
the signs in the aisles.

the replacement of reserves.

The movement of product from the back row
to the foreground when the replenishment
on the shelves need to happen
tested and proven principle
“who came first goes first.”

distribution priority.
bringing in the most profit and having
best sales performance needs
to be the best in the trade
hall and shop equipment. However
if you provide the best seats only
strong brands, the trader can get
a strong dependence on the manufacturer.
In order for the store has not lost its
personality, did not like
all managers need to support
the balance of supply of different brands in
Department and (or) category.

“Tea&Coffee” all these principles are taken into account,
so the product is not stagnant.

the seller identifies the buyer’s intentions
in respect of purchase of any goods.

  • The calculation for
    selected goods;

selects products. In store an individual
services settlements with buyers
occurs in place of over the counter
and a cashier. The calculation is made
in the following order:

  1. Punching at
    KKM amounts due from buyers
    to determine the total cost of your purchase.

  2. Clearly call
    the amount of the purchase.

  3. Money
    received from the buyer to put on
    the sight of the buyer.

  4. To determine
    change amount.

  5. Clearly call
    it to the buyer and hand over the change for a large
    bills, clearly recounting it.

  6. Top
    put cancelled check.

this store, use cashcamera
Elves Micro To for cash and
cash register MINI 400ME for payment
product using card payment.

  • The provision
    buyers of additional services.

culture of customer service
associated with the expansion of additional
of the services provided by shopping. The list
services vary by specialization of the store
and from its features.

additional services
buyers can
divided into four groups:

services prior to the sale of goods

services associated with the use of
buyers purchased
of goods;

services aimed at comfort
buyers in
visit the store;

4. auxiliary

“Tea&Coffee” provides services,
referring to the first group:

  • welcome
    pre-orders for the products
    the number of temporarily
    missing from the sale;

  • demonstration
    of goods;

  • advice
    sellers and specialists;

  • packaging

services offered by the store are

building a trading technology
the store should provide economic
the efficiency of trading
enterprises, to create maximum
convenience for shoppers and travelers
conditions for work and rest of workers

Trade and technology
process in the store consists of periodically
repeatable operations, in what appears
its recurrence.
At the same time, trade and technology
the process can occur at a different
dynamism and intensity (in
day intensity changes in consumer
and commodity
flows, settlement and other operations).

9.The formation of
the trading range.

the list is a list of proposed
to the sale of goods in accordance
specializing in retail shopping

The formation of
the product range is developing
and establishing in a
fine product line, forming
the necessary set of
for trade.

this commercial enterprise exist
the following assortment:


– black tea
no additives: 23 name;

– black tea
with the addition of flavorings: 41

– green tea
(unscented): 17 items;

– green tea
flavors: 39 items;

mixture: 30 items;

mixture: 10 items;

in the package:

22 names

weight in beans:

unscented: 24 name;

27 titles.


Bean –
11 items;

Ground –
20 items;

– 27 items.


some cases presented 1
manufacturer, but of different shapes and

kettles – 3 manufacturers;

– porcelain
sets: 1 manufacturer;

– ceramic
sets – 2 manufacturers;

kettles – 1 manufacturer’s;

– sets of
heat-resistant glass – 1 manufacturer’s;

– cast iron
kettles – 1 manufacturer.


– 1 firm

Coffee makers
– 10 items

– 7 items

The Turks
– 10 types of different litrary.

Labor organization in the enterprise.

individual and team work forms
labor. In the store, “Tea&Coffee” –
form of work organization.

this regard important
rational division
the employees of the store. It
the most appropriate arrangement
to execute shopping technology
operations, a clear definition of functional
responsibilities of each employee.

For example,
in the I store
the post
Deputy Director combined with
the merchandiser and the seller;
seller — head of
Department, administrator, cashier,
Such a combination
posts can
to be achieved by mastering
store a second profession. In addition,
to improve the service
buyers of great importance
additional majors that
should happen
on the basis of their skills and

The combination
positions does not affect
correct, attentive and courteous
customer service, all go
satisfied with the purchased purchases
some leave their feedback in the book
feedback and suggestions, which have already
quite a lot for the existence of this

But there is
one drawback in the work shop, which
did not consider a sole proprietorship,
in relation to the sellers is the lack of
lunch, so sellers have
snacking on the fly, which negatively
affects the health.

price tags

the price tag is a carrier of information about
product item and price on this unit
for the retail sale of goods.

The law establishes a mandatory
a uniform and clearly

price tags on goods sold with

grades, price per unit, signed
financially responsible

person or
the seal of the organization date
clearance price tag.

details in the design of price tags
manufactured goods are:

Product name, manufacturer,
the unit price of the goods,

date available
of goods on invoice, print shop and

senior cashier.

for all types of sold goods needs
to be certified by the signature of the material
the responsible person. The price tags are issued
the name of the shopping
of the enterprise, its organizational and legal
form. All data should be applied
at the price tag clearly, clearly, without
corrections of stamp paint
(stamp), ink or paste.

With window dressing needs

• provide customers with
the ability to quickly navigate in

the range and content of the purchase;

• to create conditions of comfort
stay in the store;

• providing
information and services;

• optimal
retail space;

provision of calculations to homogeneous goods;

• the application of simple techniques
of the merchandise display;

• use
decorative display products only
with advertising


• avoiding
overflow commodity trading

• make the layout
products, quick implementation of which

preferred in the optimal zone
obozrevateli of goods (from 1.1 to 1.6

from the floor).

process the sale of goods and culture
customer service.

Exact observance of the established regime
shop work.

2. Meeting buyers;
identification of demand

• Good sanitation
the state of the store;

• Neat appearance
appearance of store employees;

• Careful,
friendly attitude of the store employees


• Well decorated
the interior of a trading hall;

• Attractive
showcase, display, product placement;

3. Offer and display products:

High professional skills
employees of the store;

• A clear,
reliable characterization of the product;

Assistance in the selection of goods;

• Consultation
the size, color and quality

4. Counting the cost of the purchase:

• Minimum time
customer service;

• Precision

5. The calculation of the buyer:

The naming of the amount due for the goods;

• The counting of the money,
the results of delivery and receipt;

• Packaging
in front of the buyer in the package.

Shipping documents.

documents are special documents
which is made the movement of goods
from the supplier to the consumer.

At this
the company uses the following

commodity and invoices,
invoices, certificates

for different types of goods.

of the main supporting documents
is invoice

which trading
the company plays the role as a credit,

the expendable commodity of the document.
The invoice can have a model (in the form

Blanca) or free-form
adopted in a specific


However, regardless of the
view invoice it mandatory


• The name of the document

• The invoice number;

Statement date;

• Name of the supplier
and buyer (and to whom I was sent

• By whom sent
product (name of the person financially

responsible for goods in stock;
the name of the representative, contact details

power of attorney upon receipt of the goods
in the warehouse of the supplier, etc.);

The name and a brief description of the goods;

• Number of product units;

The unit price of the goods;

• The total amount
leave each item with

total invoice amount.

A separate line is allocated
the amount of value added tax
(VAT) followed by the invoice
amounts with and without VAT.

The invoice is signed by material
responsible persons passing and
to have accepted the goods and shall be certified by the round
seals of the enterprise of the supplier and

In the enterprise
used 2 types of invoice: commercial

expenditure. On the invoice
is receiving of goods at the warehouse

commercial enterprise and on the expenditure
invoice a shipment

supplier to the recipient.

document all of
of shipment (receipt) of goods is
invoice. Preparation of invoices
supplier of the goods is accompanied by
maintaining registers of invoices
as well as book sales. In turn,
the buyer of the goods shall maintain a register of
received from suppliers invoices
and book purchases.

For payment received
products using the account

supplier party
goods with an invoice (its number and

clearance must be indicated
in the account) and is the basis for

payment of the goods. Billed
also for services rendered

the company (for example, for repair cash
units), with

an indication of the subject
and the final amounts due for payment

mandatory allocation of the VAT amount.
Marked method and form of payment:

in cash or in a cashless
order with payment


props of all documents is
taxpayer identification number

One of the required documents
when performing operations on

acceptance-transfer of goods is
the power of attorney which is used when

receiving goods outside the warehouse of the buyer
and confirms the right material

responsible person to receive

On delivery
directly from the factory –

products accompany:
Declaration of conformity and certificate

of quality issued by the authorities
certification of products and services of the Ural

the chamber of Commerce.

To organize returns about
according to different types of goods

components of a single registry of certificates.

Commodity report.

Commodity report is a document that
reflects the movement of commodity

in the commercial enterprise.

for the compilation of the commodity report
are the primary commodity credit
documents and debit documents.

The terms of commodity reports
established by the head of

enterprise. Commodity reports shall be

responsible persons
in the accounting Department for a period not exceeding
5 days.

In the commodity report
the name of the commercial enterprise

the report and the date or period for
which report and

the initials of the material
the responsible persons.

part of the product report are reflected in the
value terms balance products
at the date of the previous commodity
report and receipt of the goods and packaging for
the accompanying documents. Listed
name of the supplier, number and date
document, the cost of goods received
and containers with calculating the total receipts and total
the arrival with the remainder. On the expenditure side
commodity report write off amount
of goods sold. A separate line
specify the refund of substandard
of goods, movement of goods.

Commodity report is materially
responsible person with

frequency in two instances. All
credit and

cost documents
put in chronological order

documents indicate in words), fasten

the first instance of a report and pass
on receipt of the second instance,

which remains in the custody of
financially responsible person in

books. Availability of documents
validated immediately, in the presence of

financially responsible person.

The correctness of the commodity
report accountant shopping

checks on the day
receipt of the report.

At this
the enterprise account for the movement of containers (for
with the exception of the return) is not

Accordingly, the movement of the containers in this
the case is not reflected


Stock reports and applied
documents of strict accountability

stored trading company are not
less than three years. Commodity report this
the case has an arbitrary shape and can
not to be a document of strict
of financial statements.

and suggestions.

the activities of this trading store
“Tea&Coffee” you can make different
conclusions and present proposals for
to improve trading activities

the location is very convenient and
profitable, as it is located in a residential
region, close to hospitals and
bus stop. So buyers
impulsively go to the store to
to see the goods then
acquisition. This increases
stimulates intensity of trade.
Also in front of the store located
convenient Parking, there is a sign
with a shop name and a high porch
what attracts a large number
buyers. Shop “Tea&Coffee” –
personal service. Vacation
by the seller-the cashier.
To store a timetable of rationing
working day. Working day sellers
10 hours to 19 hours, but no lunch, so
they have to eat on the fly. I
through practice, made a proposal
for this reason. The store Manager in
recent time began.
these issues. Polite staff
several times he wrote blagodarstvennoe
in book reviews and offer. Due
the shortage of staff some employees
combine several professions (heads
the merchandisers and sellers-cashiers) to those
the increasing intensity of labor.
Despite the fact that, employees of the enterprise
perform several functions and combine
profession, they are paid premiums and
directly salary, for
the hard work of the employees endure
written and verbal thanks and
award an increase in pay.

giving workers an incentive to improve
the quality of work and strive
for the best results. Shop
created optimal working conditions, but
if they reconsider, then you can offer
turn up the heat in the trading room in
cold season. Possible improvement in
organization and management
trade process. In
shop no areas for the preparation
of goods for sale. Product is
preparation for the sale directly
in the departments, which is large
inconvenience to the sellers in connection with
customer service and in the computation
goods equipment. Calculations
buyers manufactured using
KKM. Buyers should not be afraid
to purchase goods in the store,
as it meets the technical,
sanitary and fire protection requirements.
Employees of the company in good faith
and responsible attitude to their work
shop a wide range of products
best quality.

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