Securities Commission Scholarship Essay Example

Securities Commission Scholarship Essay

It is a well-known fact that human beings are judged by their deeds – Securities Commission Scholarship Essay introduction. Of no doubt the most demonstrative deeds of individuals are their experience and achievements in life. It is very often said that the amount of every person’s achievements indicates the level of his integrity. However from my point of view, a person should be judged not only by his past achievements but also by his future aspiration. In the present paper I would like to describe my personal achievements, the ones I already gained in my life as well as those that I aspire to achieve in future.

At the age of 6, I have shown extraordinary problem solving skills and analytical skills. Mental arithmetic taught me how to calculate fast and it developed my interest in Mathematics. I have won so many mental arimethic competitions in International and National levels. At young age, I always have strong curiosity towards the surrounding environment. I asked my mum questions that she couldn’t answer like ‘why is the sky blue? ’, ‘Does lion put sauce when eating meat? ’ ‘Why my clothes getting smaller? ’ My strong analytical skill has helped me to excel in my exams especially in Mathematics, Science, Comprehension and Accounting.

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I consistently got into the top 10 students during the exam in the primary school. Even though essay writing is never my strongest subject, I studied hard during the exam to make sure I can get good grades. In my Primary School Evaluation Test(UPSR), I scored 7 A’s. I was the primary school Mathematical Olympiad team and have won third prize in Perak. I have participated in the Invitation Round of the Asia-Pacific Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools in Singapore for 2006 and 2007. For both years, I successfully obtained a Gold Award.

Throughout my primary and secondary school years, I have been exposed towards leadership skills and qualities. As young as 7 years old, I have started to develop and polish my leadership abilities in me which turn out it keeps developing until now. I held the position as a class monitor since I was standard one for about 3 years which later on I was selected to be a school prefect when I was standard four. Due to my consistency in carrying out my responsibilities and active involvement in board of prefect, I was elected as Head of Prefect when I was standard 6.

What is more, I also been elected as the Head of Boy Scouts in the same year. Later on, I was again been elected as class monitor when I was form 4 and up until form 5. Besides that, I was entrusted to hold a position as the President of Textbook Loan Scheme (SPBT) when I was form 4. During my form 5 year, I held a position as the President of Mathematics Club and also Treasurer for Softball Club. Last but not least, after attended an interview, I was being selected as the Peer Guidance of the school.

Due to my countless of experiences as a leader, I found out and concluded some of the qualities that should be possessed by a leader. When I was at form 5, holding 4 positions at one time surely was the greatest experiences in my life. There was this one week when I need to organize a Mathematics Quiz for the school, I got to attend intensive practice for my Softball Tournament that going to be held on the following week and also as the class monitor, I need to lead my class for the Malay Drama Competition that going to be held on the same week.

Needless to say, eventhough it was only for a week, I sure had a lot of new experiences and countless of challenges. Moreover, I need to keep up with my studies since SPM Trial Examination was just around the corner. From this situation, I learnt that in order for us to excel in multi-tasking situation, time management is the indispensable first step that you have to make. Proper planning and a lot of patience sure did the tricks. Besides that, as a leader, you need to have a strong bond between your group members in order for you to cooperate well with them. Work together as a team sure made the task a lot more easier.

Furthermore, I learned to successfully work in a group where every member has their own characteristic and attitude which requires different set of respect and understanding in keeping smooth progression of the project. With these qualities of mine, I believe I could put these skills to use in working for the Security Commision Malaysia (SC) upon successful completion of my studies. Finance is directly related to commercial activities. With the growth of industrial establishments and commercial activities the scope of jobs for finance scholars have been increasingly significant.

I choose finance as my course because the facts that how mathematics is applied in the field of finance, how the bank systems affect the world economy and in the end affect the public which more often than not are intriguing to my curiosity. I have also always been particularly intrigued by how economic structures work collectively to bring about greater progress to a country. I feel that combining these interests with my passion towards calculation and mathematics will enable me to have a sound footing to embark on a career in either economic or financial business sectors.

My career objectives are to help the growth of the SC in regulating and systematically developing the Malaysia’s capital markets. I want to work with people from various backgrounds while helping to maintain a productive growth of the company. I want to utilize my analytical expertise to help people meet their financial goals. After several years of working experiences, I would like to bring my studies to another level which specify in Islamic Banking. For that reason, I would be able to compare and contrast the conventional banking system with the Islamic banking system.

The world economy nowadays are quite unstable since the global economic crisis that happened recently involving the Lehman Brothers in 2008. After that incident, there were certain countries started to practice Islamic Banking. They had learnt that the core principles of Islamic economics system are justice, equity and welfare. Islamic economics seeks to establish a broad-based economic well-being with full employment and optimum rate of economic growth. It will bring socio-economic justice and equitable distribution of income and wealth.

Islamic economics will also ensure the stability in the value of money to enable the medium of exchange to be a reliable unit of account and a stable store of value. For that reason, I strongly believe that Islamic Banking has the potential to grow and keep on expanding to help to bring stability which the world needs. Then, if I were given the opportunity I would like to bring my career path into the Islamic Capital Market (ICM) where I can work in new different environment. I would like to use this opportunity as a platform for me to help SC broadening and deepening the Islamic financial markets in Malaysia.

After several years working under ICM, I would like to go to another level where I will get involved in the management hierarchy. As I progress, I want to make full use of my experiences and knowledges to help the new recruitment of the company and to further improvise the financial management of the company. I am interested to build my career with SC because I want to apply my knowledges and skills in a positive manner, which will undoubtedly prove my competence and enhance my abilities. I believe a career with SC is an opportunity for me to hone my skills and develop them for the future career.

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