Teaching an Art or Science Essay Example

Teaching an Art or Science Essay

Is Teaching an Art or a Science? – Teaching an Art or Science Essay introduction?? My own idea for this question is that teaching can be both an art and a science. But first I must know what teaching is. Teaching is defined as “the systematic presentation of facts, ideas, skills, and techniques to students” (Microsoft Encarta 2009). What about art and science. Art is “the skill or ability to do something well” (Microsoft Encarta 2009). Science on the other hand is “a systematically organized body of knowledge about a particular subject” and “it is something studied or performed methodically” (Microsoft Encarta 2009).

When teaching, a teacher usually based their method on a systematical way. They do this on a step by step process. We learn from the basic things then going up to its complex part. We don’t usually see a teacher start from the end of the lesson up to the start. And this is science. But during this teaching process, some can also encounter problems that can’t be solved in scientific way. Teachers usually deal with these things with sentiment. Like whenever a learner shows a low performance on inside the classroom, the teacher will do things that will help boost the student’s performance. And this is art.

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Everything the teacher did to teach a student involves both the science and art of teaching. Based from what I have observed, read and experienced. I can say that the huge part of the teaching involves art. One can never be an effective in teaching if they don’t have the knowledge. The art of the craftsmanship of the teacher is one big factor that makes it more effective. The mastery of a certain topic or field is more important. And this part can be considered an art. In the teaching process, I can say that we should never rely on just one method of doing things. We need to adapt with the changes and different aspect happening around us.

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