The Aborigines Of Australia – Abstract

The natives

The natives
Australia is the most ancient of living
on the Earth civilizations. And one of the least
studied. English conquerors
Australia called indigenous people
“aborigines” from the Latin for “aborigene” —
“from the beginning”.

movies and books many people are interested in
traditional aboriginal culture
tribes, throwing the boomerang, ritual
dancing around the campfire. The imagination draws
us romantic and mysterious image
aborigines in Australia, who
supposedly “ate captain cook”…

The reality
brings a bitter disappointment.
Aborigines constitute only a small
the percentage of the Australian population, and in large
cities – Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide
they just get lost amid hundreds of other

The natives
which stood out from the crowd
was a unenviable sight.
Drunkenness, begging, dirtiness
– that is as a rule singled out the descendants
proud aboriginal tribes.

my acquaintance with the traditional culture
aborigines were limited to Souvenirs
in stores and at exhibitions such as
boomerangs, paintings, music
tools, didgerido and rainstick.

aboriginal people in the square in the heart of Adelaide

games on didjeridu on the market Queen
Of Victoria in Melbourne

in Australia hardly left the tribes
leading a traditional way of life,
familiar to us from books. Significant
Australian territory, for example, in
South Australia, given in full
the disposal of the natives, and a stranger
can visit these places only
special permission. However,
as far as I know, in these territories
the natives live quite modern,
using cars, TVs
and guns.

there is not much to tourists? If Russia
besides buying dolls gift
the store you can go to the concert
traditional Russian songs and dances,
in major Australian cities
in addition to the purchase boomerang any
opportunities to join the culture
aboriginal no.

For example,
in the mountains of the Grampians, about 200 km from Melbourne
is the center of aboriginal culture
Brabrook, however, visiting it three times
I unfortunately never got to see
anything beyond the same
gift shops.

the reason lies in the fact that in densely populated
the South-Eastern territories of Australia
aborigines were ruthlessly destroyed
the white colonizers in the XIX – early XX
centuries. Arrived in 1788, the colonists
drove the natives from their lands that
led to the death of crops and
stratification in society. The British brought
diseases against which the local
the population had no immunity. The epidemic
alcohol finally finished them off. In those
times aboriginal people were forcibly
attached to European culture and
the Christian religion, the land was given
in the hands of white farmers, aboriginal children
were taken from their parents and placed in
orphanages or with white families. Resistance
which tried to provide the natives
brutally suppressed by the colonialists.
Some places practiced even inhuman
“the hunting of the natives”.

the result of the present
genocide the roots of aboriginal culture
were destroyed in large parts

time the indigenous population of Australia
lived in reservations — the remote desert
parts of the continent, where outsiders do not
allowed. Even in population censuses
aborigines were not considered. 11 Nov 1869
of the year in Victoria for the first time in Australia
was passed “an Act for the protection of aboriginal”
(Came together Protection Act) — legislation
regulating the lives of aboriginal people. Only
in 1967, as a result of national
the referendum, indigenous people were
recognized as citizens of the country and received
the right to free movement.

tribes have preserved a way of life, not
other than that they were
for many millennia:
the daily battle with nature,
never-ending quest for food and water.

Australian aborigines like no
one other and includes six language
groups and many dialects. Their speech
complemented with gestures. Most
dialects still do not have their

aboriginal culture are original
drawings on the bark of eucalyptus and sacred
rocks. In hundreds of places in different parts of the
of the continent — in caves, on the steep
the cliffs, on separate stones — the ancestors
aboriginal people for thousands of years
capture your everyday life.
That and hunting, and dances, and ritual
ceremony and ideas about the

present elements of reconciliation
(reconciliation) with the indigenous population of Australia
have long been an important part of
Australian political life.
Heated debates flare up about
official public apology
the government of Australia before the aboriginals
as well as numerous social
privileges for the indigenous population
of the country.

from politics, the only one I know
a place where tourist can get acquainted
the culture and traditions of aboriginal people
is the center of culture Tjapukai,
located in the far North of the country
near the city of Cairns. It was there
made on this page

the center you can see traditional
dancing natives, to get acquainted with traditions
tribes to learn to paint
the boomerang and throw it so
him to come back.

conclusion I would like to believe in reconciliation
with other aboriginal peoples of Australia,
so proud of their roots, culture
and traditions have created a large
cities such centers as Tjapukai where
everyone interested in aboriginal
can learn a lot about them interestnogo.
For example, that the Australian aborigines
of course did not eat captain cook, as
firstly, never were cannibals,
but the second cook did not die in

on the return of land, a lot of effort
apply Federal government
the majority of aboriginal people do not want
to integrate with the whites, whose
the slogan — “the Only religion of the white
man — work” — they are not perfect.

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