The Austrian Littoral – Abstract

The Austrian Littoral
(words. Primorska; it. Litorale; it.
Küstenland) is a crown land of the Habsburg
monarchy from 1813 to 1918, which concluded in
themselves free Imperial city of Trieste with
suburbs, the margraviate of Istria and
obnazhennoi County of Gorizia and Gradiska.
Management of crown land carried out
the Imperial Governor, the residence
which was in Trieste.

The Formation Of The Austrian
Primorye began in 1382, when
the inhabitants of Trieste, Charter alone
to defend themselves from the encroachments of the Venetians,
put themselves under the protection of the Austrian
Of the Habsburgs. In the XVI century together with the Hungarian
the Habsburgs withdrew and the Croatian crown
and with it — the Northern part of Dalmatia.
Campo-Formia world 1797 allowed
to expand Maritime domain through
The Venetian Republic. Napoleon
the land was attached to Illyrian
provinces, but after the fall of Vienna
Congress gave the power of the Habsburgs
all Primorye, which until 1849
ruled as a separate Kingdom

The Austrian Littoral
represented a multinational
education. Here spoke Italian,
Slovenian, Croatian, German,
in Rilski and with towers was. In 1910
year, the area of Kustenland was
7969 sq km and the population was 894 thousand
people. A major industrial center
Trieste was the chief seaport
The Austro-Hungarian Empire. The economy of other
coastal areas were tied
on agriculture and tourism
(the coastal strip of the Adriatic dubbed
Austrian Riviera).

During the First world
war of the Austrian littoral became the scene
fierce battles between the Italians
and Austrians (see battle of Isonzo). At
the results of the war the territory of Italy
rooted by coastal
The Austrian littoral, which received
the Italian name Venezia Giulia.
After the Second world war Italy
retained the province of Trieste and
Gorizia, the rest of the region
Venezia Giulia (and Austrian Primorye)
became part of Yugoslavia.


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