The Importance of Geometry in Architecture and Engineering Essay Example

The Importance of Geometry in Architecture and Engineering Essay

Geometry is an important curriculum in mathematics – The Importance of Geometry in Architecture and Engineering Essay introduction. High school students may not be able to realize its importance but is has many practical applications, most especially in engineering and architecture. Geometry is a subject in mathematics that deals with size, shape, and the relative position of figures and the associated space. An object’, as well as a space’s, property, such as volume and strength, is computed using the principles of geometry.

Much of what we see around us employs the use of geometry. The world around us is composed much of geometric figures. This is most evident in architecture. Most architectural designs are composed of a series of geometric figures. These designs were not made by accidence. Complex computations were necessary to come up with the designs and some geometric figures were not only designed for aesthetic purposes but served some functions as well.

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Even buildings themselves are a product of geometric functions, as according to one geometry honor student from Boca Raton Community High School: “if you didn’t have geometry you wouldn’t be able to build a building” (Jenkins, 2006). Even ancient people have used principles of geometry to provide us with some of the most fascinating works. Stone-age people from Europe, for example, used advanced geometry to design and build the Stonehenge. Ancient Egyptians could not have built the pyramids without proper knowledge of geometry.

The Greek’s Parthenon displays the use of a Golden Rectangle, considered to be the perfect geometric figure. If geometry is very useful in architecture, how much more use would it have in engineering? Even the simplest gears used in machines were based on the principles of geometry. We may not be able to realize the importance of geometry in itself, but when applied with concepts of higher mathematics, we see that it is an important foundation of math, especially in the fields of architecture and engineering.


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